The Inverness Association and Inverness Foundation

June 28, 2017

Draft Meeting Agenda: 7PM @ The Gables

Call to Order

Approval of April 2017 Meeting Minutes: Please read and reply to Francine for corrections, ahead of meeting if minutes are circulated.

Open Time for Public Comment 

Approve:  AGENDA (Annual meeting discussion will be in Foundation business)

Inverness Association – 15 minutes

1. Design Review Reports — Catherine will report on Moonrise Kingdom and our appeal to the Board of Supervisors of the decision of the PC on the 12th of June
     —Proposed Action: share information on the appeal, our reason for making it, and how others can help

  • Kathy to report on the vote to appeal the PC approval to the Board of Supervisors

2. Chicken Ranch Beach — Tom Gaman has been requested to give us a timeline in person or writing for the grant project (to the extent possible at this early date)
     —Proposed contributions from IA to the effort to clean up CRB
     —Proposed Action: Set for future agenda a full discussion of how best the IA/IF can contribute to the project that has been submitted to the CA Coastal Conservancy for partial funding. 

3. Inverness Fair — Report from Alex and Elizabeth
     —Proposed Action:

  • As this is the last meeting before the fair, Alex and Elizabeth should ask board members for participation as needed for the event (staffing booths, collecting fees, setting up tables, and décor, utilizing our labor).  Board participation is important at this event. 
  • Membership — will want a shady location far from music and sign-ups to staff the table. 

3. Chicken Ranch Beach — Updates – 10 minutes
     — Proposed Action: Information sharing & discussion

Inverness Foundation  

— Committee and Other Reports —

1. Museum — Tom Branan or Meg Linden – update on fundraising for book, and other events/projects -  5 min
     — Proposed Action:  Information sharing

2. Buildings, Trails, and Grounds — Marshall report on trails and the new railing (go check it out, it’s lovely) as well as the handsome clean up of Plant Park (ditto, go visit!!!!!)  10 minutes
     — Proposed Action:  Information sharing and ask for bench suggestions for next meeting

  • We asked for bench suggestions at last meeting – any ideas? 
  • Recruit members for this committee for once Marshall is off of the Board

3. Membership & Contributions — Catherine — 5 minutes
     —Proposed Action: Information sharing

4. Financials — Kathy and Joyce — Report will be emailed by June 26  - 5 min
     — Proposed Action: Information sharing

5. Annual Meeting — July 8 — Dennis Rodoni will be the speaker
     —Proposed Action: 

  • ATTEND and offer suggestions to resolve the fact that Catherine and Elizabeth cite the past meetings as exceedingly boring
  • Bring wine, cheese, and cookies to share
  • Need sign to put on the fence at the gate - inside drop off only, no parking inside gate


*ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: July 8th 7:30 pm at the IYC.  PLEASE PLAN YOUR JULY ACCORDINGLY.  We want members to see and hear the whole board. Do NOT PARK inside the gates.

Prepared by Kathy Hartzell