The disaster radio system urgently needs help

Dear Inverness Foundation Member,

Lynn Axelrod, Coordinator of the Pt Reyes Disaster Council, attended our most recent monthly meeting, and outlined the work and needs of the PRDC. I am passing this appeal on to you, as it is of great community interest that the communications system for disaster preparedness and response be fully functional.  Lynn’s urgent message for you:  

The disaster radio system urgently needs help

The Point Reyes disaster communications system relies on residents to communicate via hand-held radios. Inverness Park, Olema, Point Reyes Station, and Marshall make up the Point Reyes area network. 

To organize the flow of information to emergency personnel about conditions during a disaster, Inverness Park is divided into the areas of IP-North, -Middle, and -South. In the neighborhoods of each area, many of your fellow residents volunteer as part of the walkie-talkie system. 

As some of you may know Nancy Hemmingway recently stepped down as Area Coordinator for Inverness Park-North. The Point Reyes Disaster Council thanks her greatly for her dedication.  

It's urgent that someone volunteer to take Nancy's place.  The volunteer should be a full time resident and able to get out and about.  Vacation coverage can be arranged.  

Each Area Coordinator radios information received from the neighborhood teams to the Communications Center at the PRS firehouse. The firefighters review these reports to prioritize their response.

If you know of anyone you think might want to volunteer-or if you would like to-please let me (Lynn) or Marshall Livingston know ( If you're already involved with the PRDC in some way and talk with a neighbor or friend you think could do this, we can follow up. 

Special skills aren't needed. Richard Dillman will show you how to use the radio, and he's available if you need help. There are also practice drills. 

IP-North is mapped as: Redwood, Sherwood, South and North Dream Farm, Sir Francis Drake 12615 (white buildings on the uphill side past Drakes View) to just before downtown Inverness). Ideally the new AC lives on one of these roads but that is not absolutely necessary.  

IP-Middle's (Paradise Ranch Estates) Area Coordinator is Steve Bowers. The Area Coordinator for IP-South is Susan Deixler. 

Please consider taking on this vital community service. 

Thank you so much,

Lynn Axelrod, Coordinator                         Kathy Hartzell, President
Point Reyes Disaster Council                    Inverness Association/Inverness Foundation               
663-8400 (h & w)