Regulatory Relations

Regulatory Relations and the Inverness Association

Located in an unincorporated area of West Marin, Inverness has no local government. Land uses are subject to County regulations that must comply the California Coastal Act, which through the Coastal Commission provides extensive protections for natural resources, wildlife and habitats, and views.

The IA’s Design Review Committee communicates frequently with county staff regarding new applications for development permits, proposals to modify existing regulations, and other regulatory developments affecting the Inverness area.

The process of obtaining the necessary permits to construct a new residence or even just adding a room can be challenging and protracted.  The IA endeavors to make this experience a bit less daunting by acting as a source of information for property owners and residents.  Occasionally, if some development initiative appears to pose a conflict for neighbors, the IA attempts to facilitate conversations with interested parties prior to formal governmental action.  Infrequently, the IA will submit formal comments to a public hearing regarding the issuance of a coastal development permit or proposed revisions of land use regulations.