Ways to Give

In the 86 years of its history, through your support, the Inverness Associataion (and since 1966 the Inverness Foundation) has advanced the wellbeing of the community and provided a forum for issues affecting Inverness and all communities along the Tomales Bay shoreline. Throughout these many years, the Foundation has taken an active role on behalf of the Tomales Bay community to protect the special quality of Inverness.  The IA monitors new local residential and commercial development with the goal of maintaining the economic vitality and attractiveness of the town of Inverness. Concomitantly, it provides helpful information on county regulations to local residents/businesses when they become involved in building or renovation projects.  The IA puts on the Inverness Fair in August in collaboration with several other local organizations including the Tomales Bay Library Association, Inverness Garden Club & its subcommittee the Inverness Garden Club Scholarship Fund, Papermill Creek Pre-School, West Marin Senior Services, Water Dogs, CLAM, KWMR, EAC, Dance Palace, Saltwater and St Columba’s Church.

The Foundation, 501(c)(3) organization, owns and maintains the Gables, home of the Inverness Library and the Jack Mason Museum; and other local parks and open spaces: Plant Park, Martinelli Park, Vision Road Preserve and Dana Marsh. It maintains a system of trails and paths throughout Inverness, linking roads and neighborhoods. In addition to all of the above, the Foundation publishes an informative newsletter, The Bagpiper.  

It is your support that has made all of this possible. Thank you!

Note:  All donations to the Inverness Foundation are tax deductible (Tax ID: 94-6128974) to the full extent allowed by lay; consult your tax advisor.

Types of Support


Your tax-deductible membership dues ($45/year family, $30 individual) provides critical support for the work of the Inverness Foundation in maintaining trails, the Gables, parks etc. To become a member or to renew your membership, click here »

Your membership adds strength to the our voice and helps us support the well-being of the community.


Cash may be donated in the form of checks or a cashiers check. Cash gifts begin working for the Inverness Foundation immediately! Please make your check payable to the “IF” or the “Inverness Foundation.”


Your thoughtful Will should be the cornerstone of your estate plan. A Will gives form and substance to your concern for the future of your family and other beneficiaries. It’s easy to provide unrestricted and designated gifts for the Inverness Foundation in your Will through a bequest. Here is typical language for remembering the Inverness Foundation in your Will or Living Trust. Use this language in consultation with your attorney. I devise and bequeath to the Inverness Foundation (tax I.D. 94-6128974), located in Inverness, California, the sum of ____ dollars ($____) OR ____ percent (____%) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate OR the following described property: ____located at (address):____ Thank you for remembering the Inverness Foundation when you create your legacy of giving.

Memorial Gift or Gift in Honor

To remember someone special in your life, please consider a gift in memory of a dear loved one or friend. Families and friends wishing to make gifts in memory or in honor of beloved family members or close friends may send gifts so noted to the Inverness Foundation.

Life Insurance

Perhaps you own a life insurance policy and really don’t need the benefits anymore. Did you know you can name the Inverness Foundation as the beneficiary of your insurance policy? Gifting an old or new whole life insurance policy with the Inverness Foundation as the beneficiary and owner offers you an immediate tax deduction for the premiums paid or the cash value of the policy at time of transfer, whichever is less. Gifts of insurance, like all other charitable gifts, pass to the Inverness Foundation free of estate tax.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a simple agreement which provides you with a fixed, guaranteed, life-time stream of income in exchange for a gift of cash or securities. You would also receive an immediate income tax deduction. By meeting some of a donor's financial needs, gift annuities make it possible for some people to make larger gifts to the Inverness Foundation than they otherwise could. Charitable Gift Annuities are ideal for retirees Retirees often are interested in having an “income they cannot outlive” – which is just what a Charitable Gift Annuity offers. Charitable Gift Annuities offer a safe way to “dip into principal” and improve one’s living standards while benefitting a beloved charity such as the Inverness Foundation. A local California community foundation backs the annuity payments with the full faith and credit of a multi-million dollar organization. Rates follow the recommendations of the American Council on Gift Annuities and are subject to change. The minimum gift is $25,000 and the minimum donor age is typically 65. Consult your lawyer or tax advisor about the benefits of this type of gift giving.

Gifts of Securities

Stock, bonds and/or mutual funds may be transferred to the Inverness Foundation by your broker. Gifts of stock, bonds and/or mutual funds often generate tax savings and the avoidance of capital gains. Usually it’s better for the donor not to sell the stock, bond, or mutual fund; but to transfer the stock, bond, or mutual fund as is to the Inverness Foundation.

Matching Gifts

Corporations sometimes match the donations of their employees. Check with yours and request an employee matching gift form. This doubles each gift you make!

To make an online donation to the IA/IF, click here »