The Inverness Association and Inverness Foundation

Draft Meeting Agenda: 7PM @ The Gables — September 27, 2017

Call to Order

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Please let Elizabeth know of any corrections. 

Open Time for Public Comment 

Approve:  AGENDA 
Prepared by Kathy Hartzell  9/21/17

Inverness Association – 20 minutes

1. Inverness Fair — Report from Alex and Elizabeth: a discussion of the event—thoughts for the future, additions to the "handbook" for the future team.
     —Proposed Action: None, report only unless there is an expenditure to authorize

2. Design Review Reports — Any applications received in the last three weeks? 
     —Proposed Action: None, report only

3. Chicken Ranch Beach — Any change of news/information since the last meeting -5 minutes
     —Proposed action: none at this time; we will bring this back at such time as it’s appropriate to ask for matching support from our members for an IF contribution to the endeavor (as suggested at a past meeting)

Inverness Foundation  

— Committee and Other Reports —

1. Museum: Tom Branan – update on fundraising for book, and other events/projects -  5 min
     —Proposed action: Information sharing

2. Buildings, Trails, and Grounds – 10 minutes

  • Scheduling of a buildings/trails/grounds committee meeting for early October.  Look forward to the committee helping with the issues pertaining to the roof, attic climate, and usability improvements. 
  • The Roof:  Kathy to report on when the minor repairs to be made. 
  • The Roof:  We will be looking for a structural engineer to help us with assessing the potential for improvements to the attic. 
  • The crawl space – Heating Ducts – We allocated funds last month for this; see if any prospects for the work thus far.

     —Proposed Action: Recruit more members for the committee - Marshall will remain but we need others.

3. Membership & Contributions – Catherine – 5 minutes
     —Proposed Action:  Information sharing

4. Newsletter: Discuss the timing of the next newsletter. Discuss prospects for the formatting assistance for Elizabeth (formerly done by Dewey)
     —Proposed Action:  Set timing for newsletter, suggest topics, distribution

5. Financials – Kathy and Joyce – Report & draft budget will be emailed by Monday 25 September (the real one this time)  - 10 min
     —Proposed action:  Adopt a draft budget subject to refinement as this year progresses

*Future meeting:  Invite new Chief Ranger for PRNS to come talk about fire safety, fuel reduction