The Inverness Association and Inverness Foundation
Meeting Agenda: 7PM @ The Gables — September 26, 2018

Call to Order
Open Time for public comment - 5 minutes  
Minutes: August
Approve:  AGENDA 

1. Inverness Fair – Give cheer for a great event. Some lessons learned?
2. Any Development issues/proposals; reports on correspondence
3. Any updates on occupancy/issues at Moonrise Kingdom
4. Thank you from the TOT people

1. Taking care of our properties – the help provided by others

2. Budget:  More info to follow – 10 minutes – 
—Proposed Action: discussion only

3. Tom G.:  The Bridges of Marin County, a report on repairs needed and plans that T and K have cooked up with the help of Richard Plant. Terry N. has also offered to step up and help us with scoping
—Proposed Action: give authorization to expend funds for repairs  

4. Kathy:  Report on tree issue with neighbor – Request from neighbor to share cost of removing the dogwoods behind septic (take a look before meeting). Total cost from Ismael is $750.
—Proposed Action:  discussion and determination if IF will share costs of removal

 Tree work at Gables: Report on work (done or to be done) by Nick and PGE
 —Proposed Action: discussion only

5. Tom G.: Chicken Ranch Beach: Report on progress
—Proposed Action:  discussion only

6. Tom B.  The Jack Mason Museum: report

7. Kathy H:  Gables:  Obtain a termite report.  There is significant evidence of termite debris in area of the stair landing.  If work needs to take place to remove damaged framing, etc., it will be time to replace the door installed as a window.
—Proposed Action:  Discuss merits of paying for report or obtaining one from Pacific at NC.

8. Website: Have you checked what’s on the website about you?  Be sure to let Seana know if you want to alter anything

NEXT BOARD MEETING: October 24, 2018

---- Adjourn ----

Prepared by Kathy Hartzell 9/20/18

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