The Inverness Association and Inverness Foundation

Draft Meeting Agenda: 7PM @ The Gables — October 25, 2017

Call to Order

Approval of Meeting Minutes: Please let Seana and Elizabeth know of any corrections. Drafts will be sent independently.

Open Time for Public Comment: 5 minutes. We have a very full agenda 

Approve:  AGENDA 
Prepared by Kathy Hartzell  10/18/17


1. Design Review Reports — Report any applications received in the last month.
     —Proposed Action: None, report only 


— Committee and Other Reports —

1. Election of Officers: less than 5 minutes - President, VP, etc. Committees.

2. Buildings, Trails, and Grounds – 30 minutes - MAIN TOPIC:  the BEQUEST OFFER OF PROPERTY, DEVELOPED

  • Discuss the offer (bequest) of the property on Aberdeen from the Crane estate.  Implications, restrictions, and opportunities.  Report on the research done to date by the Exec. Committee and CLAM participants in the evaluation/research.  I will send out a summary of what we know on Tuesday.

    — Proposed Action:  Due to the extremely short time frame for making the decision, direct the Executive Committee to execute an agreement with CLAM for a lease arrangement to manage the housing rentals/upkeep, and accept the gift from the estate. This would be subject to conditions approved by the Board at this meeting.  Alternative: schedule a meeting November 15th

  • Report:  No discussion needed:  Hope we have time to schedule a buildings/trails/grounds committee meeting for November.  Look forward to the committee helping with the issues pertaining to the roof, attic climate, and usability improvements, reviewing the historian’s report, scheduling work

  • The Roof Report:  No discussion needed: The company who gave us a quote will come to caulk and patch a few areas in next few weeks.  We didn’t act on the quote but accepted the offer to do T&M for the repairs

  • Engineer Report: No discussion needed: We will be looking for a structural engineer to help us with assessing the potential for improvements to the attic.  Kathy working with Marshall to find someone to do this.

  • Heating Ducts Report: No discussion needed:  The crawl space – Heating Ducts – We allocated funds last month for this; waiting to hear when the company/person will be coming out

3. Newsletter: 15 minutes. Elizabeth thinks she will be here through November, so discuss and assign topics for the late November issue. Discuss prospects for the formatting assistance for Elizabeth (formerly done by Dewey) 
     —Proposed Action:  list of topics, plan for creative assistance formerly provided by Dewey

4. Membership & Contributions – Catherine – 5 minutes
     —Proposed Action:  Information sharing

5. Museum: Tom Branan – 5 minutes - update on fundraising for book, Dewey's presentation and other events/projects
     —Proposed action: Information sharing

6. Financials – Kathy and Joyce – The updated budget report will be mailed by Monday, the 23rd (I don’t have the financials for Sept. yet to update that mailed last month

7. FUTURE MEETING: 5 minutes -

  • We have talked about inviting new Chief Ranger for PRNS to come talk about fire safety, fuel reduction – Suggest that we need a new plan for this topic, as we now have a new person assigned to assist with Disaster Preparedness in Inverness and recent events underscore the importance of the public discussion
  • Discuss the results of the Architectural Historian’s report on the Gables.  Deferred due to work pertaining to Bequest

     —Proposed action:  plan a community-wide meeting early next year, with the Chief Ranger for State, NPS and our own Fire Chief as well as disaster preparedness coordinators
     —Proposed action:  put the historic report on first available agenda
     —Proposed action:  determine date of future possible meetings:  November 15, December 13