The Inverness Association and Inverness Foundation
DRAFT #2 Meeting Agenda: 7PM @ The Gables — January 23, 2019

Call to Order
Open Time for public comment - 5 minutes  
Minutes: Seana will send pertinent minutes for review and approval
Approve:  AGENDA 

1. Development issues/proposals; reports on correspondence

1. Gables Historic Preservation/Maintenance report: Kathy:   Discuss setting priorities for work recommended.  Report attached. Action: tbd – projects already underway are lighting upgrades, termite inspection, and those completed include smoke and CO2 alarms, gutters inspected, trees trimmed.

2. Kathy Hartzell:  Status of the clean-up prior to the termite inspection

3. Budget, Kathy Hartzell:  More info to follow – 10 minutes – I’ll put it together this weekend and send Monday. Don’t have an end of 2018 yet from Frank Trutman:  
—Proposed action:  discuss

4. Bridges, Tom Gaman:  Update on status of the plan for renovation  
—Proposed action:  decide how to allocate funds.

5. Chicken Ranch Beach, Tom G:  Status report on progress and recent Tomales Bay meetings

6. Fire Prevention, Bob:  New perspectives gained from recent fires. Discuss impetus toward significant Defensible Space focus:  —Proposed action:  discuss only

7. Membership, Catherine: Update on renewal mailing

8. Newsletter:  “postmortem” on how to organize it more effectively for the late spring issue.
—Proposed action: Newsletter production plan.

9. Jack Mason Museum, Tom B:  Update

NEXT BOARD MEETING: February 27, 2019 

---- Adjourn ----

Prepared by C. Caufield & Kathy Hartzell 01/16/19

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