The Inverness Association and Inverness Foundation

SPECIAL Meeting Agenda: 7PM @ The Gables — December 13, 2017

Call to Order

Approval of October meeting minutes
Open Time for public comment - 5 minutes  

Approve:  AGENDA 
Prepared by Kathy Hartzell  12/04/17


1. Design Review Reports — Report any applications received in the last month.
     —Proposed Action: None, report only 


— Committee and Other Reports —

1. Buildings, Trails, and Grounds – 30 minutes - MAIN TOPIC:  the BEQUEST of 255 Aberdeen - Kathy Hartzell

  • Discuss the actions and decisions to date on 255 Aberdeen property
    Tenant, CLAM agreement, Attorney Selection, Tax Implications, etc.
    Kathy has been working with CLAM and the County on myriad details.  Will share at meeting  
    — Proposed Action:  Discussion and possible direction on CLAM agreement, if received in time

  • The Roof Report:  No discussion needed: The company who gave us a quote will come to caulk and patch a few areas at some point – haven’t been able to reach him.  Left several messages.   
    — Proposed Action: Information only

  • Engineer Report:  No discussion needed: STILL looking for a structural engineer to help us with assessing the potential for improvements to the attic.  Kathy working with Marshall to find someone to do this.
    — Proposed Action:  none - other than more ideas for an engineer

  • Heating Ducts Report:  No discussion needed: The crawl space – Heating Ducts – We allocated funds last month for this; waiting to hear when the company/person will be coming out.
    — Proposed Action: Information only

2. Newsletter: The Bagpiper is in the hands of members - 3 minutes. 
     — Proposed Action:  Share information about the graphic artist 

3. Membership & Contributions – Catherine – 3 minutes
     — Proposed Action:  Information sharing

4. Museum: Tom Branan – 3 minutes - update on fundraising for book, Dewey's presentation and other events/projects
     — Proposed Action: Information sharing

5. Financials – Kathy and Joyce – Kathy will mail out another revised budget by Monday, the 11th. - 10 minutes

6. Report on Planning for the Fire Confab on March 11th, 2018 - Kathy
     — Proposed Action:  subcommittee for starting work in January on topics/format
     — Proposed Action:  approval to request support for a paid moderator for meeting (and someone to write the application)

Future Meetings: January 24th, February 28th and March 11th (Fire Confab) + committee meetings for
Aberdeen, Fire Confab, Buildings, and Trails