The Inverness Association and Inverness Foundation
DRAFT Meeting Agenda: 7PM @ The Gables — January 22, 2020

Call to Order
Open Time for public comment - 5 minutes  
Minutes: Let’s get them out and read, propose amendments, and then approve them!  Wrap up 2019!
Approve:  AGENDA 

1. County wants a rep to the Coastal Communities Planning Program.  To be discussed.  Volunteers?
2. Any development proposals to know about?
3. Request from CLAM for a letter on their behalf re: bid to County to rehab/take over the Coast Guard Housing and facility in PRS.  They are proposing working with Eden Housing

1. FireWise - Jerry Meral and Robert Johnston to bring proposals to the board to discuss.  Participation?  Ridge communities participation?  (20 minutes)
2. Bagpiper:  Discuss our early 2020 edition  (15 minutes)
3. Reports:  Trails  & bridges – Tom G. (5 minutes)
4. Reports:  Jack Mason Museum – Andrew   (5 minutes)
5. Report:  Gables and Annex - Kathy (5 minutes)
6. Report:  Budget
     - CLOSED SESSION: employment/Discuss - John & Kathy, (10 minutes)
     - Return to Open Session: Authorize Kathy to add John to Vanguard, remove Joyce. Letter required/resolution.
7. Report on March 14th FireSmart program co-sponsored by IGC, IF, UC Coop. Extension Master Gardeners and more – Grant received for expenses from County Fire – Kathy (5 minutes)
8. A proposal from Francine to create a packet for all board members -  Francine (5 minutes)
9. Suggested new board members – Francine & Kathy
10. Ask for IYC to provide us with a legal binder for whatever might be suggested by Marty vis-a-vis our role with their scholarship program for sailing (NB: we provide a certificate naming them annually of insurance coverage for our use of their facility for the Annual Meeting)
11. Location for the end of year Annual Meeting.  Alternative ideas?  

NEXT BOARD MEETING: February 26, 2019 

---- Adjourn ----

Prepared by Kathy Hartzell 1/15/19