The Inverness Association and Inverness Foundation

Meeting Agenda: 7PM @ The Gables — May 23, 2018

Call to Order
Open Time for public comment - 5 minutes  
Minutes: March & April
Approve:  AGENDA 

1. Alex and Kathy request your commitment to devote the 11th of August to the Inverness Fair.  She will need help throughout the day and the afternoon before, and everyone needs to take a role in this annual event. Kathy will get the porta potties and liquor license, as a beginning “sign up”.

2. Development or other projects:  Bridge meeting coming up on 31 May.

3. Nick Whitney requests that we put him on agenda. He would like IA to communicate to the BOS that Community Plans were not followed in decision on the San Geronimo Golf Course property acquisition. 
—Proposed Action: TBD

1. Tom Gaman:  5-10 minutes: status of the CRB project. Information only

2. FOG:  The Gables and the roof fund.  Francine will provide information about the fundraising to date and plans for the Fair. Sign up to help Francine at Fair. Information only

3. The ROOF: Kathy hopes to have two or more quotes by meeting time.  She will email with information in advance of meeting.
—Proposed Action: Authorize Kathy to select bid and schedule the new roof for early Fall.  More info to follow

4. Tom Branan:  Status of activities with JMM. Information only

5. Status of Bagpiper: Catherine to report. Kathy expresses gratitude to Catherine for polishing up and doing essential edits on the Bagpiper after Kathy sent it to the designer. Information only

6. Board Development: Francine to “introduce” Bill to those present (Bill won’t be able to make the meeting as he will be out of town. Catherine may have another suggestion for future Board recruitment.

7. Budget: Kathy will forward a brief note about finances in advance of meeting.

8. Trails and Buildings: Burton took care of a substantial downed tree quickly last month.  No other needs reported.
     i. Volunteer requested to contact County re: trimming weeds adjacent to Inverness Way.  They are substantial and interfere with walkers staying out of the traffic lane. 
     ii. Kathy signed the DEED for 255 Aberdeen.  As of 5/16/18 the property is in the hands of CLAM.  A MOU was also signed by both IF and CLAM which addressed stewardship of the vacant parcel. 

9. Other Board members who have something to report?  None advised Kathy in response to inquiry.   


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: July 21, 2018 at 7pm. Kathy would like to ask all Board members to attend this meeting.  Speakers will be Jairemarie Pomo and Dennis Rodoni. Displays on fire/disaster will be provided.  Refreshments will be provided.

---- Adjourn ----

Prepared by Kathy Hartzell 5/17/18

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