The Inverness Association and Inverness Foundation
Meeting Agenda: 7PM @ The Gables — August 22, 2018

Call to Order
Open Time for public comment - 5 minutes  
Minutes: June
Approve:  AGENDA 


1. TOT: Request from community members for IA to support the measure on teh ballot this fall - 10 min

2. Inverness Fair: delight in the successful event! 

3. Catherine to report on letter sent to Co. re: Pine Hill Application; Letter sent to Co. re: unpermitted work and hazards at Moonrise - 3 minutes

1. Litter Bugs Me:  EAC and Alex have both asked if we’d be willing to sponsor a clean up “crew”.  See for more info.  The weeklong effort is Sept. 10-15, the Coastal Clean Up is the 15th with a BBQ to celebrate completion. - 5 minutes

2. Budget: More info to follow - 10 minutes

3. Annual meeting report:  Discuss any changes recommended for next year's annual meeting - 2 min

4. Website Info that Board members want on the Website:  Suggestions – check your own bio, etc. - 2 min

5. Reports:  Tom Gaman - Chicken Ranch Beach:  Discuss - 5 min

6. Reports:  Trails – Tom Gaman - 3 min

7. Reports:  Jack Mason Museum – Tom Branan - 3 min

8. Other 

Go Upstairs and get the tarps over things that will be affected by debris/grit falling through in the roof replacement starting on 23 August (Thursday).   – 10 minutes

NEXT BOARD MEETING: September 26, 2018

---- Adjourn ----

Prepared by Kathy Hartzell 8/14/18

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