Trails and Parks

Since the early days, walking and hiking trails through the Inverness woods and ridge have been a treasured resource for contemplation, sightseeing, and exercise.   Residents and visitors alike enjoy the quiet access to nature that surrounds our community.  Hikers combine forces to remove fallen tree limbs and maintain the prized routes that wend their way from the village roads and upward through our forests to the remarkable views of the bay and sea and that connect us to our treasured state and national parks.

The Inverness Foundation (I.F.) maintains a series of trails leading out from both first and second valleys.  The Aberdeen trail in second valley has just had a great new set of stairs built and remarkable support poured in from the community to fund the project. We also maintain Plant Park with the help of the Inverness Garden Club (which also lovingly tends the garden at the library -- also an I. F. property), Martinelli Park on the bay (which also serves as a helipad for emergency medical needs), and Dana Point on the bay adjacent to Tomales Bay Resort. In addition, the three bridges across Brook Ness (first valley creek) are our responsibility, as is the bridge across Alder Creek (second valley creek) which washed out in December's storm. The Foundation has but one employee, Burton Eubanks, to whom these various maintenance responsibilities fall most often.  Thank you, Burton!

Inverness Trails Map